Layout builder

Create bootstrap layouts easily.

    Drag drop
    Instant preview of what you are doing
    No html coding required!
    Work offline
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Available for Mac. Windows and GNU/Linux versions coming soon.

Quick Start

  • Install and launch the bootui layout builder application
  • Drop the navbar component from the left hand side panel on the right hand side canvas.
  • Double click on the navbar component that has been dropped in the right hand side canvas. You will see that a property editor pops up. You modify the brandname that shows up in the navbar. As you edit it you will see that the preview on the bottom is getting updated real time as you type!!
  • You should drop a row from left panel into the right. In this row, you can drop multiple columns. Into each column you can drop components like text or image. You can instantly see the new layout with dummy content in the preview panel below. You can then double click and edit each component and see the realtime preview!